Our consulting services vary a lot depending on the nature and size of the business. Listed below are some of the areas we have provided consulting to our clients:

Cloud Accounting

More businesses are moving to cloud accounting packages due to the flexibility and automation options. If you are an established business with many years of data and record stored in a desktop system, moving to cloud platform could be a challenging task. We have experience of working on system migration projects of all sizes and have worked on most of the cloud accounting systems available in the market. We can work with you to:

  1. Identify the best software for your business
  2. Set-up customers, suppliers and chart of account per your business requirements
  3. devise a plan to migrate the historic data
  4. create custom reports per your business requirements
  5. Conduct training sessions with your in-house staff so they can best use the system.
  6. Document processes and create user manuals for recurring tasks 

For smaller businesses, we can assist with initial set-up and management of the system. 

Business development

Our business development consulting can help businesses with financial aspects of their growth. If you are looking to invest in a project and need assistance with financial feasibility or looking for funding, we can assist with preparing financial forecasts. 

We can analyse historic financial information to provide you key insights in your revenue trends, risks and dependencies on key customer or suppliers or product or service profitability analysis. All this information can help you understand your business better and you can concentrate on growing the product or service that maximises your profitability. 

Process designing

As businesses grow, they define processes for various tasks. Whether it is for management of holiday requests, claiming expense reimbursements or authorising payments for invoices, processes bring discipline in managing the various aspects of the business. 

As businesses grow and technology takes over, these processes are not updated and rather than helping the business operate efficiently, these act as a drag on business efficiency and lead to staff frustrations. 

We can assist reviewing business processes and help re-design them. We keep technology and automation at the forefront and automate whatever we can to achieve maximum efficiency and minimise costs. 

Our costs are usually paid off itself as the exercise often leads to saving in staff time or increase in lead time for processing requests. 

We will only bill our customers where our input leads to actual cost saving as we believe its only fair.