Dental Hygiene and Care: A Speacial Guide from Bournemouth Dentists

Bournemouth Dentists are renowned for their expert assistance in oral health care, and this article introduces what they consider paramount: maintaining great dental hygiene and care. We’ll delve into various significant aspects and practical tips offered by these professionals. After all, a set of healthy teeth is a valuable asset that uplifts confidence, aesthetics, and overall health.

The myth that only sugar creates cavities has been debunked by Bournemouth Dentists. While sugar certainly prompts cavities, it’s rather the bacteria in our mouth that deteriorate the teeth. Bacteria feed on various food items, sugar being one of them. They eventually produce acids, which combine with the leftover food in our mouth, forming a sticky entity known as plaque. If not efficiently removed, this plaque triggers cavities and gum diseases.

Therefore, good dental hygiene is not just about controlling sugar, but also about maintaining a comprehensive, holistic dental care practice. Bournemouth Dentists believe in a threefold approach: Brushing, Flossing, and Visiting the Dentist.

Brushing, the most familiar aspect, needs proper execution. Always use a soft-bristle toothbrush and gently brush for two minutes, not neglecting the internal, external, and chewing surfaces of your teeth. This should ideally be done twice daily, with a fluoride toothpaste. Bournemouth Dentists advise replacing toothbrushes every three to four months or even earlier if the bristles are frayed.

Flossing, though underestimated, is equally crucial. It aids in cleaning the spaces between teeth where the toothbrush miss. Flossing once daily, ideally before bedtime, is recommended. Ensure it covers the neck of your teeth where the gums start and be patient and gentle to prevent hurting your gums.

While a robust home-care routine is indispensable for maintaining sparkling, healthy teeth, professional cleanings and check-ups are equally crucial. They help track your dental health periodically and nip any potential issue in its bud. Adults should visit their dentist every six months. Yet, this timeline may vary based on individual dental health situations.

Another essential, dentist bournemouth often overlooked aspect of dental care is your diet. Bournemouth Dentists recommend a balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin C. Calcium strengthens your teeth, while Vitamin C fortifies your gums, making them more resilient against bacterial infection. Foods like cheese, yogurt, tofu, leafy veggies, and oranges are excellent sources of these nutrients.

But a healthy diet isn’t just about what you eat, but also when and how you eat. Continual snacking reduces the efficiency of saliva in neutralizing the acids produced by bacteria. It’s best to limit snacking to two times per day and brushing or rinsing your mouth post each snack.

Bournemouth Dentists also highlight the equally crucial role that lifestyle plays in dental hygiene. Habits like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption not only yellow your teeth but also heighten the risk of gum diseases, oral cancer, and other serious dental problems.

Finally, children’s dental care needs special attention. Tooth decays are fairly common among children and the sooner their dental care begins, the better. Baby teeth play a critical role in a child’s development, speech, and nutrition. Hence, initiating good dental hygiene early on nurturing a lifetime of healthy habits.

By incorporating such comprehensive dental hygiene practice, you’ll be adding another layer of protection to your radiant smile. After all, as Bournemouth Dentists reiterate, “You don’t have to brush all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep.”